Summer Means Color

Every year summer brings out many great new colourful stone options in the Jewelry Market. Many people are scared to wear color and opt for the more classic gold or white gold with white diamonds or cubic zirconia stones.

Adding some color to your jewellery can really add that extra pop and and totally accentuate your outfit. There’s nothing like a bright turquoise pendant against a black shirt or summer dress. Every year turquoise is a summer favourite but there are many gorgeous colored stones that are fabulous

At Crush Jewels Our Trend Experts spend all their time curating fashion-forward collections and color is no exception. We have deep blue pieces, sky blue pieces. We have wonderful bright green and turquoise sliced stones. We have fiery oranges and reds. Any piece in our collection is designed to be fashionable and functional and is hand-made to the highest standards.

If you’re looking for that colorful piece to stand out from the crowd, reach out to our Trend Experts at on our free live chat to find that perfect piece.

Filigree Jewellery: It’s the new trend

What is filigree you may ask? It is a style of jewellery that has become a burgeoning trend across the globe. Filigree jewellery is defined by it’s delicate and intricate detail work using tiny golden beads, twisted threads, and a multitude of different swirls.

It can come in delicate floral forms, or bold jagged snowflake-type images. There are so many different types of filigree, but the question is what makes us all love it so much. The answer is actually quite simple: It’s interesting. Filigree has so much detail that it is simply a pleasure to look at for all who see it. It can have a rustic feel or a high-fashion feel, but its always fun. Crush jewels has many interesting filigree pieces for you to display to all your friends!

More is Better: Fun with Multiple rings

There’s a new fun movement going on in the jewellery world. Wear as many rings as possible! We are starting to see this in many different ways. We are seeing three, four, and even 5 rings stacked on each hand. Another popular way is to wear 3 similar rings across 3 fingers.

There are two peice rings that sit on one fingers and also solid rings that go across two fingers. We are really seeing jewellery trends experimenting with different configurations and it is really bringing new excitement to the industry! We look forward to seeing designers push the borders even further!